This is Pat also know as Patrick or Paddy the driver. He is the one who will be accommodating you while on your trip in Ireland.

Pat used to be a nationwide sales director for a big corporate company but, a few years ago he decided to pack it in and hit the road with his passengers on board and share the beauty of Ireland with them.

He has learned and retained incredible knowledge about Ireland's history, landscapes, writers, music, pubs, sports and so much more.


He loves to share this real authentic Irish experience with his clients and they love him for it!


Ireland really is a magical place. The people really are so friendly and the feeling is so real and honest. There is so much to see, eat, drink and experience. Pat is first and foremost; an incredible driver, a real people's person, historian, slight comedian and true professional and last but not least; he absolutely loves sharing the beauty of Ireland with his clients!