Tá fáilte romhat chuig an Emerald Isle ar a dtugtar Poblacht na hÉireann nó Éireann. Tír atá saibhir ó thaobh nádúir de ina mbraitheann na daoine ort sa bhaile.
Seo é ár mbaile agus táimid bródúil as é a roinnt leat.

Ye are welcome to the Emerald Isle known to many as The Republic of Ireland or Eireann.
A land rich in nature where the people make you feel at home.
This is our home and we are proud to share it with you.


We are the drivers who take you on private tours to the best parts of Ireland!


We are the locals who know the best spots for the finest piece of fish and a great pint of Guinness.


We have been driving on Irish roads since we were teenagers and know how to put your safety and comfort first. 

We only drive Mercedes. Because thats what we have found to be the ultimate vehicle for comfort!

We like to know what your interests are and completely excel on your expectations!

We want you to sit back, relax, enjoy free wifi and stop any time you choose.

We are proud of our mighty little country and take pride in sharing it with you.

You choose the dates and we look forward to the start of your Irish Adventure!


Email: bookings@corriblimos.com
Phone: +353(0)87-664-1308
WhatsApp: +353(0)87-664-1308

Galway, Ireland 
Available for Nationwide tours!